Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Last Weeks shopping

Last weeks grocery was great, including a few treats and wants rather than just what we needed.
Now with the baby coming soon this also included 4 packs of diapers, 2 cans of formula for the just in case after all we do want to breast feed, it is the best way!!! We got 4 things of steak. Its amazing what this can do for us...we have taken pics and I will add them soon just to prove how much stuff you get with this.

Shelf 159.53
OOP 46.39
Saved 113.14 71%

Shelf 221.71
OOP 73.12
Saved 148.59 67%

Shelf 56.48
OOP 17.28
Saved 39.20 69%

Shelf 437.72
OOP 136.79
Saved 300.93 69%

Month to date
Shelf Price $2931.36
OOP $800.84
Saved $2130.52 73%

Average Weekly Grocery before GG $130
Average Weekly Grocery with GG $88.98