Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Last Weeks shopping

Last weeks grocery was great, including a few treats and wants rather than just what we needed.
Now with the baby coming soon this also included 4 packs of diapers, 2 cans of formula for the just in case after all we do want to breast feed, it is the best way!!! We got 4 things of steak. Its amazing what this can do for us...we have taken pics and I will add them soon just to prove how much stuff you get with this.

Shelf 159.53
OOP 46.39
Saved 113.14 71%

Shelf 221.71
OOP 73.12
Saved 148.59 67%

Shelf 56.48
OOP 17.28
Saved 39.20 69%

Shelf 437.72
OOP 136.79
Saved 300.93 69%

Month to date
Shelf Price $2931.36
OOP $800.84
Saved $2130.52 73%

Average Weekly Grocery before GG $130
Average Weekly Grocery with GG $88.98

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Went Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping used to scare me, I mean what if I cant buy enough and then the dreaded bare cupboard syndrome at the end of the week. 8 weeks ago my budget was $130 a week for 2 of us, let me explain. DH is a bigger guy and enjoys his food, five now four dogs, as well as I am 7 months pregnant and craving a lot of different things as well as have always shopped for the best things, fresh meat, organic veggies etc. Now also I will let you know that this is not just the food budget but if its used in the house its on this budget, food, cleaning, health, medicine, vitamins(the only ones that stay down are almost $50 a month, beauty and already prepping for baby as in I have diapers, baby wipes and special water for him to drink.

So with me not working anymore I set a budget at $50 a week, gotta still cover the baby things as well as cravings and plenty of food for hubby. So went in search of a solution after all we were struggling at $130 a week to keep food in the house and as I was about to give up hope of finding a way to do this, thinking great macaroni and cheese with hot dogs 5 times a week I found a website. If you contact me I will share this wonderful place which I am addicted to, the only thing I ask is that you give me the referral credit as the one who sent you there.

For the first time in years I have my fridge freezer, chest freezer, pantry and all my cupboards full and even though my weekly average isnt at the $50 mark yet, I made it this week with just over $5 to spare.

Whats the secret, coupons. Yes those pesky things that people use and hold up the line and spend forever cutting out. Only thing is it takes me less than an hour a week to set up to go shopping and I save $100's. Basically the website gives you a list and you find the coupon based on the date and insert, clip and take. It does cost though, the first 4 weeks are free right now and then I pay $25 every TWO months(I get the lists for 4 stores).

Today we went to 4 stores, all within 1/2 mile and got free air freshener, tissues, instant potatoes, deodorant, bacon and toothbrushes. Bags of frozen veggies for 25c a bag, orange soda for 17c a 2 liter(the pregnant craving, caffeine and sugar free), Cheeze-its for 23c a box, and boxes of 10 granola bars at 40c a box. We also got milk, cheese, cottage cheese, chicken, rice, hot chocolate and bell peppers for a grand total of $44.44 saving $252.43. Thats an 85% savings!!!!!! Plus got $5 in coupons of my next shop.

Now in the last 8 weeks we have got free soup, chicken, beef, hamburger, spaghetti sauce, pasta, cake mix, bread, salad, frosting, chex mix, fresh veg, fresh pineapple, granola, water, soda, toothpaste, toilet paper and lots more. The idea is when it is on sale stock up so you don't have to buy it at full price. I am so addicted to this its not even semi funny. I am so proud of myself right now its awesome!

Friday, November 13, 2009

What a week!

I never knew being pregnant would end up with me being soooooo tired. Its hard to believe its already Friday.

So Ivy is still at SIL and actually calming her dogs down, this could be a good thing. Daisy is healing nicely and the vet actually called to check up on her, not the office the actual vet. I was very impressed and also to remind me to make a follow up appointment(this is where I immediately thought, more money....but its no charge).

My midwife appointment went well apart from the fact my little boy is a little on the big side and he may make an early appearance so now I have to plan as if it is Jan 4th not Feb1st. For the just in case.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Introduction - Hi!!!

So where to begin; my name is Karen and I have recently got married to James as well as come the end of January a little bundle of joy will be joining our family. Yes its a boy, his name will be Xavier Richard and he is the complete love of my life, after all it must be love to allow someone to kick, punch and jump all over you without getting upset. Also I am not one of the individuals who enjoy pain so being able to take a swift kick to the bladder and still say thank you, gotta be love.

I really want to accomplish a lot of different things with this blog, so I figured I'd let everyone in one the secrets.

  • The real deal with pregnancy, well mine anyway.
  • How we are staying afloat being a single income family
  • Yes being a SAHW/M can drive you stir crazy, but its worth it
  • The fact we have already decided to have at least 4 kids (I want 6-8) and to home school.
A little more about me- I am a tom boy, love to shoot (which I cant do right now for obvious reasons), love Sushi (again out of the question), very crafty...I love to sew, knit, embroider, am learning about scrap-booking as well as I love to read. We also have 5 dogs and a bird, all female so the hubby is really looking forward to a boy, he thinks that one more male will make that much of a difference, little does he know.

I'll tell you more about me as we go through this journey!