Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So on Thursday the 20th we had a huge milestone, he said 'Umma'. Now I know that doesn't sound great but he only says it when I am not in room and will only stop when i pick him up. At first we thought it was co-incidence but it has happened so many times now it has to be his first word!

Also on Tuesday the 18th he started holding himself sat up rather than needing the support!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yes its gross!

So who would think that this sweet and innocent little thing could do anything gross? Now don't get me wrong I was prepared for the whole little boys tinkle when you try and change their diaper. I was a little too grossed out to write about it when it happened but now Daddy dearest has a taste of it and I couldn't stop laughing I felt maybe its time to share.

So a few weeks ago when the little man had filled his diaper I was in the middle of changing him and there was a lot of poop, I mean a lot. I couldn't imagine a baby being able to produce more at that particular time. Boy was I wrong!

So all the Moms and Dad's know that when you change a diaper you cross the babies ankles and gently lift. I lifted, pulled the diaper away and a huge explosion happened. Not just on the table but projectile. Yep, I was covered in poop, of course Xavier thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen and Daddy came to my rescue with a wet wipe, holding back his giggles as he wiped my face. I am so glad I am not one of those people who stick their tongue out when they do something. So Daddy finished the diaper change and I ran to the shower. I thought I would never live it down!

So fast forward to today and Xavier is watching Las Vegas with his Dad and the conversation goes something like this.

"Are you farting?" (Yes I was in the other room and Daddy was talking to Xavier)
"Ugh Ugh" Said Xavier
"You're doing more than farting, aren't you?"
"Honey, can you bring me a diaper?"
"Honey, can you bring him a shirt?"
"Honey, I need a shirt!"

I come into the room with clothes and diaper and ask what happened, Daddy says you can see what happened. Our little man is sat on Daddy's Stomach still in his onsie, snapped shut and his diaper. Daddy is covered with poop all over his shirt that came up out of the back of Xaviers diaper, through his onsie and decided that grey shirts needed a little mustard yellow to help brighten them up.

So we changed Xavier semi mid air to get rid of the poop that was covering his back and legs. Now he is sitting in his diaper waiting for Daddy to be done in the shower so he can have a bath. I had to let Daddy shower he was covered!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The joys of nursing!

So I am proud to say I have made it to 3 months, with a bit of formula thrown in. The reason I am sharing this video is that Xavier has now decided to be picky about what he eats and yes he prefers to nurse than to have formula. Its just the biting now he is teething that is getting a little much. So Daddy decided to pick him up and try and comfort him and even with a shirt, someones little mouth attempted to attach to Daddy. The surprise on Jamies face was hilarious and Xavier was just overjoyed when I took him for him to eat. And they say Daddies can't help nursed babies.

Monday, May 17, 2010

3 Month Check Up!

So we were supposed to go to the Docs tomorrow but Hubby has an interview (fingers crossed) so we called and they fit us in today.

So his head is now 17inches and the PA had such a hard time getting the measurement as he was way too curious about the tape. 26 inches long and weighed 16lbs 2.5oz. All in all he is doing well.

But I have to be honest I am a little freaked about the visit as she was asking development questions and we were saying yes and then she asked me if he was pulling himself to sitting. He's 3 months old and now I am worried that maybe I am not doing something right and when we told DH's Mom she reminded us that we hold Xavier a lot, I just hate for him to be upset.

Yes he has already worked that one out and does a fake cry, then holds his arms out with ok I fussed look on his face. So here goes tummy time overload. I will help him so next visit I can say yes :)

Other than that we talked about sunscreen being in AZ and have been given the go ahead to use a little as it is better than him burning as well as prescription for a small heat rash so it doesnt get any worse. I think this summer will be just his diaper at home and a t-shirt and maybe shorts outside.

My other realization has been that now I know where guys get that a big goofy grin and incoherent rambling equals a pick up line - when they are babies it works every time.

Friday, May 14, 2010

3 Months Old

So Xavier is now 3 months old and believe it or not this outfit is for age 6-9months old. We are settled in our new home and Ayumi, the pretty princess as she likes to be called has decided that she is Xavier's new babysitter.

We went to Cici's as we felt like pizza but didn't want to spend a lot and LO stared my hubby down until he relented and gave him a slice. I think he enjoyed it.
After all that day he finally crashed out sat on hubby, this wasn't a prop him up and take a pic this is how he fell asleep, finally after refusing to nap for 3 days. You see there is a secret to parenthood, nap time isn't for the kids its so the parents can regain their sanity.

This was a quick post to share some cute pics.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Don't Hate Me!

There is a lot in the news right now about the new law in AZ that 'allows' racial profiling. I need to say my piece as immigration is close to my heart.

I was born in England and came here with a visa which while I worked on becoming a permanent resident I had a work visa. I paid taxes, jumped through each hoop and yes I had a lawyer help as some of the requirements do not seem straight forward at first. The point I am making is that when I choose to make this Country my home, I followed the rules and did each part as I was supposed to.

Illegal immigrants are an issue in AZ, I have worked many years at retail where I felt pressured to cater to people who did not want to follow the law. My point being if you want to be here, there are channels to do it properly and it may not be the easiest thing in the world but its better to have the law on your side than against it.

Now for my vent, at no point in the writings of this law does it say 'latino' or 'hispanic' need to be singled out and that is what individuals are saying this law says. An illegal immigrant could be white, (French, Italian, Russian, Canadian) so how is it racial profiling. It also now says that you have to be doing something wrong to be asked to provide documentation. If you are walking down the street, minding your own business then no problem. If you are drink driving, causing vandalism, not following the law to embrace that a police officer needs to speak to you then it is more than fair that you are asked for identification. If you are here illegally then you are breaking another law.

The truth of the matter is that you could be Hispanic, Russian, French, Canadian or any other origin and still be requested to show correct documents. The bigger issue is that the reason the law came into place is that there is a problem in AZ, we have illegal immigrants in car accidents without insurance, hospitals are seeing an influx of individuals without insurance, jobs are scarce as some immigrants will work for less than minimum wage meaning that those who are allowed to work can't get it. We even have illegal immigrants getting Tax ID's instead of Socials so they can work. I have lived in neighborhoods where I was scared to come out of the house after dark, even one with a rumored Coyote house on the corner. I have also had to deal with areas where individuals have REFUSED to learn the language. I have traveled to many countries and have at least attempted the language (even though I may have butchered it)

AZ is in the top 10 states for crime rate and that is not a good place to be according to the national crime index and at the same time AZ is in the top 5 states for illegal immigration according to the new Hispanic Center. So something needed to be done to help bring these statistics in line with national average.

I am not saying it was right, I'm saying that if you follow the law and as a business you do not cater to illegal immigrants then why is there such a big hoopla. Those making the most noise probably have the most to lose and maybe should look to the facts and not the drama of the issue.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

So this is my first year as a Mother and I've been lucky as this is the second Mothers Day I have celebrated. I am originally from England so my hubby decided that I deserved 2 days to celebrate and the English Mother's Day is in March!

Today Xavier decided to let me sleep until 7am and then Hubby took over, I was given breakfast in front of the computer as I got my Face book time in, Pop tarts are a breakfast no-one can mess up.

I then got the sweetest card that Xavier 'signed' as well as a cute one from Daddy.

It is one thing to celebrate the mothers out there, but I want to also recognise the other women who havent physically had children yet. Also all the mothers who have lost their little Angels. Being a mother is a hard and challenging job, it makes you the cook, chauffeur, nurse, cleaner, repair woman, moving target, coordinator, motivational speaker and a whole bunch more, but it is also the most rewarding position that I could have ever wished for. For the women who do this through choice to children they have not given birth to, I admire you. For the women who have lost Angels I hold you in my heart, knowing that the day will come that you can hold your precious child. For the women who can't have children that choose to love unconditionally I respect you. Motherhood is a noble calling, some are given children we birth, some are chosen to give angels wings, some are chosen to love others children, and some are given so much love to share they mother all around them.

Also I can't forget to mention those Dads that take the role of Mother and Father, you guys get kudos too!