Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year, New Challenges, New Focus!!!!

So goodbye to 2010 it has been an eventful year. Our gorgeous son Xavier was born Feb 11 this year, hubby went through 4 jobs but somehow we kept our head above water and didn't drown. We moved into a cute house: In September we bought it, we had a crazy hail storm, found out we were expecting again and had all my family fly in from England. Could the year have been better? Well of course it could have been! Would I change anything? No!

So this year I promise to be better with my blog, after all I started it to show the challenge of being a Stay at Home Mom, you know what, I knew it was hard work and a challenge and it still didn't prepare me for how much work. I even attempted to watch another little baby to help with the money situation but with the new pregnancy it was too much. (Due 8/24)

I was focused on saving money to the point I couldn't keep up, I was trying to do everything perfectly. Was trying to be a perfect Momma, perfect wife, perfect person. This year I promise to let go of perfection and just do my best.

So Here are my resolutions and my chaos all thrown in to one.

1. Update my blog more frequently with money saving tips, offers and real life honesty about being a stay at home mom.
2. Let go of perfection
3. Get my home in order
4. Finish the repairs from the hail damage and finish one home improvement
5. Honestly review our debt and create a plan to get rid of it.
6. Actually start date nights.
7. Enjoy time with my little family.
8. Normally this is where I would say lose some weight but being pregnant I cant go on a 'diet' so this year I am going to focus on being healthy and feeling better about myself.

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