Friday, December 31, 2010

TLC's Extreme Couponing

So TLC made a documentary called Extreme Couponing, focusing on four shoppers who used coupons to save money. Now I cant help but feel from the previews that they were looking to spin this into a negative; after all using coupons I have seen the issues where cashiers treat you like dirt because you pass them a stack of coupons, I have been accused of stealing from the store because I saved too much money.

So I Dvr'd the show and sat down to watch it expecting to finish the show with the realization that I need to slow down that this may be a problem/addiction. That within days support groups would be popping up where you meet in darkened hallways introducing yourself with:

"My name is Karen and I am a coupon addict!"

Where would the 12 step program begin? How many would admit to this shameful behavior?

So cautiously I pressed play and took an intake of breath, after all my friends and family think that I do go overboard.

As I watched, a smile crept across my face, the light bulb bouncing around with new and creative ideas. Now I have no intention of jumping into dumpsters to get coupons (although my mind entertained the thought for about 35 seconds) but I need to get back to using the clipping services and get my printer up and running again. I already buy 10 papers a week for the coupons and use my Grocery Game to save tonnes, can I do more? Can I save more? Can I be more frugal? Yes, Yes I can!!!

I saved the show with the intention of watching with pen and paper in hand...

My name is Karen and I am proud to be a Coupon Addict!!!!

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