Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Application for messiest house award!

So if you know me you would know that I can be obsessive with cleaning however after Xavier was born I have to say I have become very lax. I joke that I need me time when he is sleeping and that face book is my outlet. Then I start on Neo and before I realize it I have spent an hour on the computer and Xavier is waking up. Then I look around my home and shudder with the state of it. I am ashamed of my home and that is the truth! So I have decided to start afresh and get the place cleaned. Now lets be totally honest if I was to tackle it all in one day I would probably have a nervous breakdown, after all it has taken longer than a day to get this way.

So heres my challenge, to get my home clean, decorated, and then keep it clean somehow with a toddler(well he might as well be), babysitting a little 7month old princess, doggies and a wonderful husband that works hard and tries hard at home to help. Well other than socks everywhere he goes!

I started by looking on line and I found a site called Fly Lady;


Now she is talking about getting things clean to a point and that is great for a start but I need cleaner. I am going to give myself 30 days to get the house in the condition I want, without decorating (I will finish the master bath/bedroom though) and then keep it there.

So I have hung my head in shame and taken some pictures of my home, that ladder has been in the bathroom for about 2 weeks, ok its laundry day and I havent put it away yet and I just made Xavier Eggy Bread, the front room is ok but still not clean enough for me. I also have to get over the freak storm and fix my back yard.

Wish me luck and I will try and stick to this, plus I only have about 40 boxes to go through from the move still.

I have been told that my application isnt severe enough for 15 minutes of tv fame but it is severe enough to make my skin crawl

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