Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Grocery Shopping

So last night we did our grocery shop and in total spent about $125. For this we got 30lbs chicken, 10lbs sirloin, a pot roast, 10 packs of Hillshire sausage, baby food, water, candy, bread, tortillas, peppers, onions, egg plant, apples, mushrooms, salmon, cheese, soda, pasta and so much more. The first picture is everything we got free!

These coupons give you $1 off meat and produce at Frys. It is how I got the peppers free.

The Cheerios were free thanks to a Safeway coupon they mailed to me, the 2ltr was a free coupon again from Safeway!

Arrowhead Aquapod Water was from Albertsons on sale for $1 and the red plum from 8/29 had a 75c coupon, which they doubled to a dollar.

Hershey's Bliss Chocolate Candy was on sale for 50c at Albertsons and there was a 55c coupon in the 9/26 Smart Source.

Mentos Sugarfree Gum was on sale 10/$10 at Albertsons and there was 2 $1 coupons in the 10/3 Smart Source.

The slices of cake were a surprise as they were offered free when we got to the counter at Albertsons!

Bestlife Buttery Spread was free at Frys, on sale 10/$10 there was a $1. in Red Plum 8/29

Tic Tac Candy was free from Safeway using a coupon from the 10/3 red plum.

I also have rain checks for free tuna and $2 packages of Jenni-o Ground Turkey!
I get all this info from the grocery game. I love the website. Its free for four weeks and I pay$20 every 8 weeks for detailed lists for 3 stores. In the last year I have got approx $10k of groceries for $1500. My husband was out of work for 3 months and thanks to the game we had food storage that meant we ate like he was working and within 2 months of him back to work we have 6months of storage in place.

If you join the grocery game please use me as a referral shygirl12009@live.com. I would like the free weeks :)

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