Saturday, October 2, 2010

So many updates!!!

Wow I have been away forever - Just look at how much he has grown!

When I started this blog it was basically to understand how me, a career driven woman could become a stay at home mom to alleviate child care costs. Well the first part didn't seem so hard, after all its kinda the dream world of its not really hard work and the most stressful thing of the day is what to have for dinner. Can we say rude awakening? Well not really as I was never expecting that, not really anyway.

Well now I want to cover more than that, life is an amazing challenge and not only am I blessed with a loving husband, I am blessed with a adorable child and we have decided that we want more. In fact we want to look at having eight beautiful children, yet we will entrust the Lord as I know that nothing is without him.

I actually joke and say that we are going to give the Duggars' a run for their money, even though there are individuals that criticize what they do, I respect them as they have well mannered children that have provided contributions to the world and are decent citizens.

We want to home-school as we have very little belief in the Arizona School System. I have already began teaching Xavier to read as well as his home curriculum began at three months old. My goal is to have him graduate his Associates Degree by eighteen before he goes on a mission. The same will be the goal for all our children.

I love to save money, I do this with freebies, coupons, discounts and samples. I am even attempting a little garden. Consignment stores are amazing for babies, just please spend the extra money on things like car seats, a new mattress and personal items. I am just tired of using several sites to get these things for the price I get them at.

I am making a little money on the side by reading emails and I have the link in my side banner, I am also playing with eBay. All while trying to be a Stepford Wife. (j/k)

So this is going to be about love, family, faith, home, cooking, freebies, saving money, teaching and hope. Hope to not only raise my family but to raise them with the courage, desire and love to achieve their dreams.

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