Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hail as big as Golf Balls.

So on Tuesday this week, it seemed like a nice enough day, my Mother in Law graciously came over to help me sort the chest freezer as I was starting to have problems closing it.(Love coupon shopping)and we heard a clap of thunder, thinking nothing of it and expecting it to be just another Monsoon we carried on until we looked out of the window and saw the torrential rain and hail. The hail was hitting our pool making it look like it was bubbling as well as our sliding glass doors which is under a covered patio. Within a couple of minutes the power was out and we had no power for 6 hours. Our kitchen was flooded and water was coming in on the bedroom and office. The blessing in this is that now we have a claim for a new roof and AC unit that was mangled by the golf ball size hail.

The next day we lost power for 12 hours when a transformer blew and it was one of the scariest moments I could mention. Now onto mission clean up. My hubbys car had one of the grill pieces by the windscreen smashed, my car completely survived!

The house wasnt so lucky so now to get through the claim process. Luckily we have a roof guy that will work directly with the adjuster to help us out and is willing to eat some of our deductible to help with the job!

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